Payroll Courses

A (CPP) or certified payroll professional is a (HR) human resources professional who, With help from the payroll clerks, manages and calculates employee wages. They also make sure that employees receive their pay accurately and ontime. Also, a certified payroll professional may be responsible for handling retirement and benefits packages. To become a CPP you must pass an exam and meet all the requirements set forth by the (APA) which stands for the American Payroll Association. The American Payroll Association offers certification to applicants worldwide. Once you obtain certification to maintain your standings require you to enroll in continuing education classes every 5 yrs.

To be eligible for the certification exam requires that the candidate has;
1) at the minimum 3 years of work experience in the payroll field.
2) Must have at least 2 years of experience and participation in 4 American Payroll Association accredited two or three day seminars.
3) Finished eighteen months of work
4) completed entry level Certification exams and 3 seminar classes

College classes in payroll / accounting usually is allowed to be substituted for seminar requirements in 3 and 4.